Glossary - Online Train Ticket Booking using any debit/credit card -


Terms Meaning
Advanced Reservation Period An ARP or advanced reservation period is one where you can book a train ticket in advance to get confirmed booking status. An advanced period in most countries has been defined as 60 days from the date on which the train is scheduled to leave from its origin.
Berth In rail terminology a berth is defined as an accommodation for sleeping in a rail coach. So, therefore a birth in general is used for sleeping in a railway compartment. A train compartment can have can have different levels of berth, where there are two berth one above other is called a 2-tier coach while a compartment having 3 berths one over the other is called 3 tier coach.
Chart A chart in simple terms can be defined as the list of passengers who have been confirmed for a booking in the coach from the originating and destination station. A chart is prepared for each different coach and it is created and pasted on the outside of the coach.
Detention Detention is defined as the term when a train stops at a station or between journeys, in order to let other trains to pass. The detention period is based on the working timetable of every train at each station and detention is done to allow trains to make a schedule departure on a given station.
Express Train An express train which is special and does not run on every single station. Express trains run faster than normal passenger trains and the fare of such trains is little extra than a normal train.
General unreserved A general unreserved reservation is one where the ticket authorizes the journey but there is no guarantee for the seat or any sort of berth. A general sitting is the most common of all reservation and is not train specific. A general ticket can be used to make a journey in any whichever train, having a general bogey.
Hotel power It is defined as the process of electricity supply to lights, fans and various such settings in different passenger coaches. The power is generally supplied from generators or batteries or a combination of both.
Irregular Travel An irregular journey or travel is one where the passenger is found travelling on a train without a legitimate ticket or reservation. A journey without a ticket is considered as offence and the passenger stands liable for a penalty or fine for their act.
Junction In railways terminology a junction is used as a word where two or more trains meet each other. A junction is called a meeting point or a point where the gauge of the train changes and where the route or line of the train terminates from one location to another.
Line capacity Also referred to as sectional capacity, line capacity refers to highest number of trains that can be allowed to be passed or routed from a specific line or section.
Merry go round It is referred to as a coal train that mainly operates between coals mine and one of the power stations and loads unloads the coal without stopping or shunting.
Open Wagon An open wagon is defined as a sort of freight carrying car for goods in bulk quantity. Open wagon are different from regular wagon and provide more productivity.
PNR Status PNR Status is the one of the most widely used jargon in rail, and it simply referred to as passenger name record. The record of the passenger is kept in the Computer Reservation System and contains information about the passenger regarding boarding date, ticket status as well as coach and seat number.
Reservation against cancellation RAC or reservation against cancellation is a ticket that has a confirmed status against a wait listed berth. RAC tickets does not allow the facility of having a sleeper berth, rather you only get a seat for sitting.
Sleeper Class A sleeper class is defined as a rail bogey or coach which is most common and where a berth is allocated to a passenger on reservation for the purpose of sleeping. A sleeper class is a regular coach, with three berths stacked on upon another without the facility of air condition.
Train register A train registers is a book or loose paper sheet and is used to record the passing of trains from a certain location. The register contains information like messages passed, delivered and various other information regarding the operation of a train.
Waiting list The waiting list is defined as a ticket status, the availability of which is based on the possibility of cancellations made against confirm train tickets. If your book an online or offline ticket with a waiting list of 15, then you stand a chance of getting a confirm reservation if passengers cancel their ticket and allow rescheduling of ticket.
Wheel climb A major cause of derailments, wheel climb is a process when a wheel climbs up and of the gauge side of the rail. Wheel climbs occur mostly with wheels, the flanges of which get worn out or are aligned improperly.
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